Introduction of the author.


This amazing book that you hold in your hands, was based on real events and revelations which were received through dreams.

At various times, the author has seen several dreams. They had the same theme, and everything fit as a puzzle, into one perfect picture.

And when the picture fully appeared before my eyes, I got the idea to put it on paper and share with others, adding the author's imagination.

I want to draw your attention to two major goals in the content of this book:

The first - is to rise in the hearts and minds of people understanding of the responsibility for such actions as an abortion. Open the eyes of the people, so that they can be disgusted by this terrible sin, which is the killing of an innocent baby. Today this sin is covered by a variety of excuses and reasons, but to God-this is murder, for which we would be responsible before Creator and before child itself.

Alive human being is growing inside the womb, in whom God has breathed life, and he already has a soul, it is - is a person ... And no one has the right to take its life.

The second important goal of this story its healing.

Time can fool your heart, tell you that you are healed of the wounds that you self-inflicted on yourself because of the sin of abortion, but God sees you inside out.

And He wants to heal you completely and give you hope! And if you can't forgive yourself for it, then everything is possible with God, and He has the answer for you!



Victoria went into the bush and began to wade through it forward ...
Branches dug around, making it difficult to wade further ... But she grabbed at them, and they pierced her hands and head again and again, and with every movement she felt new pain all over her body ...
Around were the prickly branches and darkness ... But she stubbornly continued to move forward ...
Tightness around was incredible ... And the thorns pierced into her everywhere ...

But in her ears she heard the words that helped her on this difficult path ... And she happily waded forward, remembering them ...

Suddenly Vick saw a light ahead. Suddenly she felt relieved and no longer felt the pain of thorns, although they continued to prick her and hindered her coming to the Light ...




-You are eleven days pregnant - said the doctor.
- What ... what ... I'm not ready - Victoria thought frantically in her mind.
- You need to come every week to bring a urine sample. Also hand over a blood test.

- Here, take this referral - the nurse quickly issued two sheets to do some medical tests.
- Also you need to go to the dentist. Do you work night shifts?
- Are you listening? - A doctor peered intently into her eyes, which looked off into the distance…

Vic was thinking about what she would do now
- We're not married. I have sinned before marriage. What's now? What would the church think of us? – the thoughts attacked her...
- Yes ... yes ... there are night shifts ... ... - she replied hesitantly, after returning from his thoughts to the doctor.

- I'll write you a permit for exemption from night shifts and hard work - said the doctor and gave a sign to the nurse to write the reference.
- You can go. Do not forget, diet is very important for your child. Remember what I have recommended.
- Thank you ... I remember ... Goodbye - said Vick a little stammering, still not fully believing of what she had just learned and closed the door.
She went home completely broken and upset by the news that she is expecting a baby ...

                                                               * * *

- I am very happy. We will have a baby! Now will you marry me? - John, Victoria's friend, as it turned out, was glad by this news, which can not be said of her.

She was always thinking, and was not understanding herself ... Vic didn't wanted to get married yet and was not ready for marriage or for the bringing up of the child ...
- What should I do? – She continued think feverishly about it ...
The next day they went to the registry office.

John could not hide his happiness. His smile shone all over his face. He was happy and proud that finally the girl whom he was conquering for a long time and who was not responding, has accepted. Therefore, he was grateful to the little creature, which began its life inside of his beloved woman ...

But Victoria was walking and constantly thinking ... She felt quite unhappy after what happened to her. She tried not to show it, but it was all over her face.

Her eyes were strained, she was looking in front of herself but did not notice anything or anyone around her ...

- On which day do you plan to get married? - Asked the woman at the registry office.
- OH! The sooner, the better –said Viktoriya's fiance cheerfully.

But Victoria gave him such a look that he've see that she was not happy about such a hurry.
- Why is such a rush? - she said – Let's do in December.
John looked at her in surprise.
- On what day shall I sign you?
- Let's do it at the beginning of December - said the fiance with the hope and joy in his voice.

But Victoria has decided to postpone the wedding again for a reason that was not clear to anyone at the moment.
- It's better at the end of December - she said, and lowered her eyes ...
The future husband looked with surprise at Vic.

When they left the office, John could not stand it anymore and asked her with regret and hurt in his voice:
- Why did you do that? Don't you want to get married before you will have a big belly? I think the sooner we do it, the better for all of us ...

But Victoria said nothing, only lowered her head ... She did not know what to say ...
She was thinking only about that she was totally unprepared for what happened ...



                                                          Tough choice.


Victoria was waking up every morning with difficulty, and every wrong move made her immediately sick.
It was unbearable for her ... She did not want to eat, and if she was craving for something, the moment she had that desired food in front of her, it immediately made her sick.

She had hard time working…

- I can no longer take all this. I can not – she was having these negative thoughts over and over again...

Once Victoria saw the movie about abortion. They showed in great detail how it all happened, how the fetus was killed inside the woman's womb.
Then she said to herself: "I will never do an abortion. It's just awful. "
And here she found herself facing the same decision and couldn't believe it…

Victoria thought that it was all in her dreams and this nightmare will end soon .... but it was not over, it was a reality that she would have to accept and continue to live with it, or make a terrible, scary move that will solve all the problems ...

"You will solve all your problems! Just do an abortion, and that's it! ". Intrusive thoughts were in her mind and were not giving her peace of mind, and nauseating condition that constantly accompanied her only strengthened the desire to accept these horrible thoughts.

- I need to talk to you, - said Vick one night to her fiance.
John listened attentively and did not show what was going on inside of his head at that moment.

"She decided to leave me ... I will loose her, if she will have an abortion ... it is necessary to help her change her mind, otherwise the wedding will not happen ... No, you have to show her that you love her, so agree with what she is saying. Besides, are you willing to take responsibility for a child? do you need it? And do not worry about the child, since he is not born yet, he is not a living being, he is not existing ... "Thoughts were frantically attacking John while Victoria spoke.

When she finished speaking, John, trying keeping calm as much as he could, said to her:

- Honey ... If it's best for you, do what you think is right ... I would agree with any decision of yours. The main thing that you feel good.

And it sounded like a death sentence for someone who has just started to emerge within the Victoria ...

From that moment on, mom and dad have sentenced their unborn child to death ....

Victoria was waiting for another answer ... She thought that maybe John would make her change her mind. Because it was his child as well…

She was hoping that he would fight with her to change her decision... She needed that he would dissuade her from doing it. But he gave her a choice, and decided just to stay away, not taking any responsibility ...
The next day Vick signed up for a paid abortion, where everything is done under anesthesia and the woman is immediately released to go home.


                                                        After the surgery.


- Victoria! - through the deep sleep Victoria heard the voice of a woman who has already done more than ten abortions.
They met with her in this room, where they were placed to be prepared for the abortion.

- Hey, can you hear me? - She continued to wake her up.
- Yes ... yes ...- she opened her eyes and tried to sit up.
- Listen, I'll tell you something ... Don't ever do an abortion again! - She said with emotion and indignation in her voice. Vick was very surprised, but she could not ask her why she was saying that, because she still had no strength after the anesthesia ...
- Never do it again, do you understand? - She shook her head persistently and looked at Victoria very seriously – Here, I got you a muffin and some tea. Eat it when you feel better, and I have to go.
Vick was very surprised by the words of that woman which already lost the number of abortions that she did during her short life.

- You were always crying and did not want to lose a child ... Do not you remember? Of course ... You were under anesthesia ... And we all heard it ... nurses must have been shocked ... I did not see this since I started to work here ... Never do it again! Do you hear?
Vick looked at her in surprise ... And suddenly it became very important to her to know the gender of her dead child. She started to cry with very bitter tears ...

Everyone left her ... She was alone in the room ...

The nurse came and hurried her to leave the clinic...

- Please - Victoria asked her - can you tell me ... who it was ... a boy or a girl?
The woman took a deep breath, exhaled with irritation and answered:

- Better go home!

Vick left. John was waiting for her at the exit of the clinic.

- I was worring a lot! - He said.

Victoria looked at him contemptuously.
- Why did you worried? - she asked,trying to suppress impending tears.

- Me? I was worring for you ... and ... for the child - he said, stammering and stumbling a bit with the words full of emotions ...

All this time, the thoughts tormented his mind. Some of the thoughts that were denying everything cried quietly inside, "Go find her! Do not let her get an abortion! It is a living baby! He's your baby! Do not let the murder happen! You're its father!"

But John constantly drove these thoughts away and consoled himself by saying"This is a common surgery. Many women do abortions. This is normal. If they are allowed by law, then it is not a murder."

- If you were worring about him, you would not let me have an abortion! – she answered to John with a lot of pain, and barely holding back the tears, went outside.

John did not expect this. He realized that after all he listened to the wrong thoughts and made a great mistake in my life ...

All I wanted that you would fell better… I could not put pressure on you – was everything he was able to say to her...

Vick sighed, knowing that both of them have committed the most terrible mistake in their lifes that they will never be able to fix ...





                                                    To be continued...


Author: Irina Efimenko

translation made by Anastasia Vasilyeva

The book in Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KR9P3B6

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